This website was first born in 2006 under the guise "Lucky Cat" and has been through several revamps. In 2009, Lucky Cat was a participant in Amassment's revamp marathon and had a very large overhaul. Still dissatisfied with a majority of the content, I took the shrine down in 2012 to reopen it almost a year later as "Lucky Cat".

Many special thanks go out to the following people: Cherri, Mikari, Sarah, DubiousDisc, Daphne, and everyone else who encouraged me and gave me great feedback during the process of reopening this site. Also, a special thank you to everyone who has been a big supporter of my Meowth shrine from the beginning. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you!

A majority of technical information was referenced from larger Pokemon fansites including and Bulbapedia. Anime screenshots were taken from videos found at The image used in the header is from a scan from PokeScans.

Great info of Maneki Neko came from,, and Daruma Magazine.

Textures and patterns are from Subtle Patterns. The font used in the header is "Birch". Body fonts are Century Gothic and Georgia.

Unless marked otherwise, screenshots and scans were taken by me from merchandise I own. You are permitted to use these graphics on your own site if you wish. A link back to my site would be nice, but is not enforced. Please do not redistribute or copy any of my written pieces to your site without permission. (If you did use it, I'd be super embarrassed.)

Disclaimer I do not own Meowth, Nyarth, Pokémon, or Pocket Monsters. These names and images are copyright to their rightful owners. This is merely a fansite made to express my interest in a fictional character.