Welcome to "Lucky Cat", the Meowth Tribute formally known as "Lucky Cat". This website is a character shrine, a site that focuses on a single character and aims to analyze and present information in an interesting and personal way. This site originally opened in 2006 as a 3-page site. As of June 2013, 7 years later, the site as grown exponentially as my tastes and standards have evolved.

I remember hearing someone ask, "How do you make a shrine to a Pokémon?". I can see how this would be challenging, especially with sites like Bulbapedia that have all the technical information that you could think of. However, it lacks the personalization and attention that goes into making a tribute/shrine to your favorite Pocket Monster. You make a site by putting in your own personal ideas, thoughts, theories, and time. In the end, you have something that is truly unique. If you are thinking about making a shrine yourself, I encourage you to follow a similar process and enjoy yourself while you do so!

Why Meowth?

Meowth has not always been my favorite Pokémon. When I was first introduced to Pokémon, I loved so many of the designs but Charmander had remained my personal favorite for a long time. I cannot quite remember when my favorite Pokémon changed to Meowth, but it did. Why should I love Meowth so much when it is a creature weak in battle? It is a normal type with not a lot of perks in the game. I hope that my shrine will help enlighten you as to why Meowth is my favorite, and ultimately, a wonderful addition to any trainer's team!

Meowths have an adorable design, they have wonderful personalities, and they are cats. Of course it seems that my reasons are purely superficial but until you have beaten one of the Elite Four with your level 60 Meowth, then you have finally understood the greatness of raising your very own!


The Godfather Thunderstorm


Dark Claws

Flame Spirit


Fury Cutter


Soul Dew

Tiny Dragon


Elusive Enchanter

Killer Grin

Drift Away




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