2.6 Thoughts

When I first saw the designs for Shinx, I wasn't interested. I was in what fans like to call the "Gen-wunner" phase. (Or rather, if there was a "Gen-Two-er" phase, I would be there.) I was in college and just re-educating myself about Pokemon and my husband and I decided we were going to go buy a DS and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. My heart melted when I first saw Shinx in the game and it's cute animation and cry, "Mew!"

Then I evolved my Shinx to Luxio, and that is when I really fell for its design and character. Its animation seemed to have a little attitude with its angry-eyes and its smirk. The way it bent down on its front paws and cried "Reee-oowww!" and flashed with electricity. At first I felt like its design had too much going on but then I thought more about it. Since it has grown on me, I've had to have a Luxio in every party of every Pokemon game I play (along with Meowth). I also am more drawn to Pokemon that are middle-evolutions. I'm not sure why. Maybe I feel like they are under appreciated or maybe I like their designs better. Either way, I refuse to evolve them.

As for strategy, I usually beef up my Luxio with electric-type moves. As I have grown up with Pokemon, my strategies have changed. I used to have, say, a fire-pokemon that could ONLY have fire moves or a water pokemon that only had water moves. I found out that keeping my pokemon more well-rounded to defeat a variety of types made me more versatile in different situations. As such, I usually make sure Luxio has at least one electric move but its other moves may be dark-type or I have it buffering moves. Crunch and Flash are ones that I usually have. Since it has a high attack stat and relatively high speed, I will make sure it knows mostly offensive moves. This suits my strategy as I love to be in and out of a battle in seconds.

In short, Luxio is my second favorite Pokemon. It's cute and excellent in-game and I must always have one in my party. I know many people are fans of Luxray but I refuse to evolve Luxio as it holds a special place in my party.