2.1 Inspiration

What was the inspiration for Luxio? Earlier it was discussed that Luxio takes its appearance from, and most of its design inspiration, from lions. But there is an additional question that seeks to be answered: Why an electric lion?

For me, the two most obvious types for a lion Pokemon would be fire or grass. Fire, because the savannah where Lions live are very hot, and grass, as a pun on the name of a weed: dandelion. But electric? Where could that possibly come from? The first thought takes us back to the Savannah. It is indeed hot but when you see images of lions in the wild, it's also very bright and sunny. Perhaps Luxio's star-tipped tail is meant to be our own star: the sun. Since electricity is also depicted being bright, and hot, that is another way it could be tied back to the African plains.

Another possible theory is related to an American saying: "In like a lion and out like a lamb". Now, this theory is a bit of a stretch, but what if Luxio was actually based on this saying that is about the month of March? March is a time of year where winter is ending and spring is just beginning, but it's a wild and confusing time of year. Spring should welcome the blooming of flowers, budding of trees, and the birth of new things. Instead, there are snow and thunderstorms, the weather changes in the blink of an eye, and it's hot and cold every other day. So what if, during this time of storms and this saying that March is like a lion, Luxio was actually based on this saying?

It makes the most sense to me that Luxio, and more so Luxray, could be based on a thunder cloud. Its black mane could be the dark clouds against the blue sky and its tail like a lightning bolt. This is what makes me think that Luxio could be inspired by the saying about the weather and is more than a decorated large cat.