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Name: Luxio (All languages)
Type: Electric
Species: Spark Pokemon
Pokedex: #404 (National), #18 (Sinnoh)
Height: 2'11" (0.9 m)
Weight: 67.2 lbs. 30.5 kg
Abilities: Rivalry (Raises the base stat of a move by 25% if the foe is the same gender. If opposite genders, reduces be 25%), Intimidate (Lowers the opponent's attack stat at the start of a battle), Guts
Weak to: ground
Strong against: water flying steel

Evolution Chain
Level 15 »
Level 30 »

Luxio was first introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (generation IV) versions as the middle evolution of Shinx. Shinx could be found early on in the game while walking around tall grass in routes 203, 204, 205, and in the Fuego Ironworks. In later games, Shinx could be found rarely in many routes in Heart Gold/Soul Silver. In later games, Shinx is only available through trade, and as such, a trainer would need to evolve Shinx to gain Luxio. However, in Pokemon Platinum, Luxio was available in the wild on route 222.

Both male and female Luxio have a mane, however, male Luxio have more fur on the top of the head and cheeks than females. Shiny Luxio has a golden body (more like the color of a lion) instead of a blue body.