in the whirlwind or in the storm

Welcome to "Thunderstorm" a shrine/tribute/fansite to the Pokemon Luxio that was created as part of Amassment's Creature Feature Challenge, and debuted in April 2014. If you are a new visitor and are unfamiliar with what a shrine is: it is a website that is dedicated to a subject that houses the creators opinions, thoughts, and overall enjoyment of said subject. Out of all 719 total Pokemon, why should I pick Luxio? I hope that upon reading through this site you will be able to find the answer to this question! This Pokemon doesn't particularly stand out in any way and middle evolutions don't tend to be very popular. Well, for me, Luxio is one of my very favorite Pokemon! I am intrigued by its cute, but tough, design and its powerful typing.

Thunderstorm is also the home of the approved fanlisting for Luxio! If you are interested in fanlistings (sites that list fans from all over the world) and would like to join, head over to fanlisting now.


The Godfather Lucky Cat


Fury Cutter


Soul Dew

Tiny Dragon


Elusive Enchanter

Killer Grin