The Litten Fanlisting

Welcome to the approved fanlisting for the adorable Tabby Cat Pokemon, Litten. If you are unfamiliar with fanlistings, they are websites that house a list of fans from all over the world for any given subject. If you want to be listed as one of the many fans of Litten, all you need is a nickname, a valid e-mail address, and your country. The only rule is you must love Litten!

To navigate through the various portions of the fanlisting, please use the links in the boxes below. If you have a website and want to show your love for Litten, visit the codes page where you can grab a button for your website.

Fanlisting Affiliates

So Glamorous!
 button    Thief in the Night
 button    Superstitions
 button    Strange Symbol
 button    Lucky Cat
 button    Thunderstorm
 button    The Godfather button    

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