Welcome to Eye of the Tiger, a small yet analytical discussion for the adorable kitty Pokemon Litten. Since Generation IV of the Pokemon Games I had been highly skeptical of a lot of the designs of the starters. To be completely honest, I have not felt so attached to a starter Pokemon since Generation II (Totodile is hands-down the best). I am, however, a sucker for all things cats and all cat-type Pokemon and Litten is no exception. Litten, however, has to be the second most adorable cat Pokemon to exist and it is a fire type. How could I not love it?

Since Litten was first revealed I had wanted to write something for about and about it, but I was not sure what. I wanted to be able to play through the game and be able to draw conclusions and thoughts, as I usually do, to make a small fansite. This site contains my analytical thoughts and analysis on the topic. My hope is that, like any of my sites, I am able to present some information that makes you see the character in a new way and gives you something to think about.

PLEASE NOTE that this site is still under construction!