The World of Pokemon

The creators Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori based the world of Pokemon off our own world. The Pokemon are based off of creatures and myths that exist in our world but the World of Pokemon is very different from ours. Even though in their world there exists oceans, volcanoes, fields, and everything of the like, it remains a fantasical world in its own. Everyone wants to become the world's number one Pokemon trainer but there are other jobs that exist. In the recent years, more has been developed about this world and there are many regions, each having their own different species of Pokemon and people as well. There are people who are breeders, singers, actors, artists, fisherman, and the most envied of positions: Gym Leaders.

Gym Leaders are individuals who are Pokemon trainers and part of an elite system of Pokemon Competitions. Each gym leader in each region is the owner of a specific gym and is usually the master of a certain type of Pokemon. These individuals hold badges which, upon collecting all 8, will allow you to enter the Pokemon League. The League is an esteemed group of the Elite Four and the Champion. Only those strong enough to defeat all these trainers will reach Masterdom of Pokemon. There is not much to be said about Gym Leaders aside from the fact that they are key opponents in one's path to becoming a Pokemon Master, or at least a successful trainer. Defeating a Gym Leader will also give you certain rights as a trainer. For example, only Pokemon of a high level will obey you after obtaining a specific badge. This helps illustrate the fact why ordinary people have young Pokemon as pets or friends.

Of course, not all Pokemon are used for battle. There are also Pokemon Contests and PokeAthalons where one may compete in different beauty pageants or relay races to gain high status. In the World of Pokemon, what is most important is your bond with Pokemon. What would you use Pokemon for? Some use Pokemon for good, and others for evil...