What is Pokemon?

Pokemon Pokemon is the English title for a series known as Pocket Monsters. What began as a small Role Playing Game back in 1996 exploded into an anime series, movies, toys, card games, merchandise, and almost everything else imaginable. Pokemon is a world-wide phenomenon that was centered around the simple idea of catching all 150 critters in your land of Kanto and use them to battle each other, so you could become the number one Pokemon trainer of all time! The idea of the game sounds simple enough but it's an addicting premise that allowed the series to keep going for almost 15 years, and they are still issuing new games with the same premise, amongst the other spin offs of the series.

As the protagonist of the game it is your job to make your own team of at least 6 Pokemon, collect all 8 badges that show off your strength as a trainer, to defeat the Elite Four, who were the most elite of all Pokemon trainers. Within that simple storyline you are asked by a Pokemon Professor, by the name of Oak, to catch all the known Pokemon to fill his invention, the PokeDex, which is a Pokemon Encyclopedia. From there, you must thwart the plans of sinister villains!

Since 1996, the games have changed but the story remains. Even though there are now over 500 Pokemon (since the announcement of the 5th Generation) the story remains the same. You must capture, train, and be the best you can be! Pokemon is a charming series that excludes no person! There is a Pokemon for everyone no matter what your age or gender and that is what has made the franchise such a success.