This is probably the most boring section on the website but if you're interested in knowing why I made some of the choices that I did in its creation, then I do encourage you to read on.

I had a whole list of titles lined up for this site but had a really hard time picking one. Just to name a few: [The] Mastermind, Criminal Mastermind, The Godfather, and Enigma. I took a poll to see which title was the catchiest/which one people liked best. It ended up being The Godfather (no one seemed to like the other titles aha). I was leaning towards that title the most, even though I felt on one hand that it was rather cliched. It does fit Giovanni the best, as in Western Cultures he is very much portrayed as the head of an evil Mafia. (Even though his original concept was a Yakuza Lord, they are pretty similar in my book.)

I also had several ideas for the layout and the first 3 were officially trashed. I originally was going to make an illustration of the inside of a 1920's Mafia Boss's room and have different images clicked on, but soon my content grew and grew and I couldn't really see that fitting with everything I had to write. I decided to go with something similar, a velvet red color that represents power and a sepia-toned paper texture and 1920's font. (I was really stuck on the 1920's theme here) Included is Mewtwo, because I have always felt that Mewtwo was Giovanni's greatest challenge and really affected his character's growth. The relationship between the two characters is such a dramatic and important element in the Pokemon series. (So much so, there are 2 movies dedicated to it!)

I was bouncing around the idea of making this site for months and I was very glad to be inspired to create it. Once I started thinking of topics to analyze and write about, I couldn't stop myself. I hope that this site ends up being a good read and influencial to those who are hesitant about making tributes to their own favorite characters.