As I stated previously, I tend to believe that Giovanni's ultimate goal could have been that of world domination. He did, however, create and add much to society in the different versions of the series. Giovanni is an incredibly intelligent individual who is able to quickly calculate in his mind. For example, he can easily control what is going on with hundreds of rockets while managing a theme park, a casino, and whatever else he may be having going on at the time.

Pokemon AdventuresIn the Pokemon Adventures comics the writer portrays Giovanni in a highlighted role. He somehow is able to fool Red into believing that he is a lowly fossil hunter and help him in sticky situations while still running his many operations. He controls major gym leaders to capture the legendary Pokemon to bring them together to make a super Pokemon. He is not only manipulative with money but also verbally. During his battle with Red in the comic, he is able to throw him off with "threats" of making him part of Team Rocket. Red is unnerved during the match as Giovanni taunts him.

As he feigns to be a fossil hunter, this may prove his intellect. I may be analyzing a bit much, but finding and identifying fossils is a complex science that requires years of study. In order to be convincing enough one would have to at least know what he is looking at. On top of that, Giovanni had also written a well-known and reputable book on Ground-type Pokemon, as he is a master of that type and is known for his skill with them. This again attesting to knowledge on multiple subjects.

"I told you you'd learn something." - Giovanni; Pokemon Adventures Vol.3, Ch. 37

Red and Giovanni's battle in Pokemon Adventures is beautifully drawn and fun to read. It depicts Giovanni as a clever battler versus the Anime where he is shown using simply brute strength. As a ground-specialist, he is able to know which moves to throw off and trick his opponent. For example, as Red uses Snorlax to defend himself and bounce Golem's rolling attack, Giovanni knows the precise timing to which Golem can use explosion and give him the upperhand in the match. Such techniques are not valid in the video game but are wonderfully utilized in sequential art form. Unfortunately, Giovanni is defeated by a Pikachu's shock to his Nidoqueen. (However, this is the artist taking some aspects from the Anime as Nidoqueen could not be hurt by electricity since it is a ground-type.) Despite all this, Giovanni is proved to be an intelligent individual through his many achievements in his time.