Apparel What is definitely the most striking about a given character is their design, not only the body but the clothing as well. Clothing plays a very important role in our every day lives as well as the lives of fictional characters. To the left here is an image of Giovanni's original outfit from the Pokemon video game. (In actuality, this image is from the rerelease of the blue and red versions.) This outfit is comprised of black/gray slacks and vest, sleek gray shoes, and a white undershirt with a tight collar. This is his normal Team Rocket leader attire, complete with the red "R" badge on his middle left.

Now the Team Rocket outfits are generally comprised of three main colors: black, white, and red. But Giovanni's attire is completely that of any other Team Rocket member (including that of the new Team Rocket executives)! Why is that? Even the executives never really aimed to control Team Rocket, upon their defeat, they cry out that they have let down their beloved boss, Giovanni. Even though he is missing he still holds that air of regality. His outfit is relaxed (slacks with vest) but is not casual. By seeing his outfit we can tell immediately that this is a respected man of power.

Apparel Something that confuses me entirely, however, is the transition from Giovanni's outfit from game to Anime. Suddenly, he sticks out from his minions like a sore thumb. His outfit is bright orange (in the old episodes of the anime it was more red than orange), a green vest, a yellow shirt, and a red tie. Someone call the fashion police! The outfit's design, however, is based off of classic gangster attire. As worn by Mob boss Anthony Spilotro, we see the outfit is complete: Jacket, vest, shirt, and tie. Replacing his Rocket Badge on his left side is a small pocket, large enough for a handkerchief. Where the bright colors come in, I am not entirely sure. According to TvTropes, it is sometimes typical of the villain to be brightly dressed to attract attention to one's self, or, to just be apparent that he/she is a villain.

Aside from Giovanni's clothing, I would like to take the time to mention his other features. The key feature that stands out about Giovanni, and makes him most resemble that of a mob boss, is his head. When examining the image of Anthony Spilotro I almost wondered if that was the exact individual upon whom Giovanni was based. They both share key features such as his square face and small chin. His facial expressions vary muchly from Anthony or other mob photos because Giovanni is always frowning. Once in a while there will be an image of him grinning because he knows that his opponent is about to be crushed, but mostly glares. (Does he not have a sense of humor?)

Lastly, I would like to address his hair style. It is very typical of Mob bosses (as well as Yakuza bosses) to wear their hair in this slicked back and greasy fashion. The significance of that is unclear but it would seem that it is for a professional and sort of clean appearance. My conclusion on Giovanni's appearance, in short, is that he is definitely well-dressed. (Even if he is quite possibly colorblind.)

ApparelAfter over a decade of the Pokemon anime, it seems that the creators felt that the characters needed a complete makeover. This outfit is from the newest addition to Pokemon, Pokemon: Best Wishes, which is based off the Fifth Generation Games. Even though my initial reaction to Giovanni's new outfit was that of confusion, it soon grew on me. I had originally thought his outfit looked more like a bellhop but it was evident that the designers had modeled his outfit after the uniforms of the American Civil War. (I think that the uniform shown is of the Northern states.) An interesting choice for them to make Giovanni wear a war uniform versus his gaudy gangster suit. It can be determined that this change in his design is to illustrate the fact that Giovanni is now more like that of a General. There are also changes to Giovanni's facial features, as now he is seen with eyebrows. This allows for more facial expressions from Giovanni. Here, in the image to the right, it almost seems as though he is smirking.

In Best Wishes, both Jesse and James have dark outfits, more like the ones in the original Pokemon games. Giovanni sends them new clothes and tells them that they are now the initial unit to infiltrate the Isshu region. They are to go in and capture rare Pokemon for Team Rocket. It could be determined that Giovanni is not here to play games. Does this mean that Giovanni could possibly play a larger role in this new series of the anime? Fans could only hope.