Welcome to The Godfather, a rather opinionated tribute dedicated to Giovanni of the Pokemon series. This website was first published in April 2010 making it older than four years old. This site was in the works for much longer than that. I have always been a fan of Giovanni since I had first played Pokemon: Blue Version when it first arrived on Western Shores. Giovanni started as an enigma. He was a character that was covered in an air of mystery and power, using his skills and thought-power to feed his greed and lust for even greater things. As years have gone by and new games have been released, new antagonists have been introduced, but none seem to stand up to Giovanni's criminal enginuity and genius. This website aims to introduce you to, or re-introduce you to, this character and present to you interesting and fresh perspectives on a classic character and memorable game franchise.

A friendly reminder that this website contains spoilers, for those unfamiliar with the world of Pokemon, as well as highly speculative and analytical essays. Though there is much information on this site that talks about this character in his role and stats in the game, it primarily focuses on a collection of thoughts and theories. If you feel that you disagree with any material that you find here, please remind yourself that the writing on this website is inconsequential and merely a form of self-expression. With that being said, I do hope you enjoy your time visiting The Godfather.

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