Last Updated September 4th, 2017

What do you want to know about (aka The Scratchcat Network)? This collective was born on September 6, 2009 because my original collective was being overrun with Pokemon fansites. Anything with monsters or cute animals, Pokemon especially, has really been something I have always adored. I missed the surge of Pokemon shrines back in 2000/2001 and that seemed to return with the birth of fanlistings, prompting me to reach back into my web design roots and create wordy sites to fictional characters. However nerdy it may be, it's always been something that I have enjoyed, and hope to keep doing in the future. As for the nitty gritty- Nyarth is the Japanese name for the famous Pokemon: Meowth. (Also seen as Nyaasu or Nyasu) Which comes from the sound a cat makes in Japan. This domain was bought from Doteasy, my first webhost.

This site is a collection of other Pokemon sites that I run. In the future, I would love to expand out some of my current fanlistings into shrines. If I feel particularly inspired, you may see a shrine to more of my favorite Pokemon, highlighted in the graphic below. (Special thanks to Megan for the grid and idea!)