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Lucky Cat- Meowth
Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat (FKA Modest Mouser) is my extensive fansite and fanlisting to the Pokémon known as Meowth (also this domain's namesake). This site was first created in 2006 and has been through several revamps and reopenings. It was very static for a while and filled with old content. I had taken it down for almost a year to redo pretty much everything. This site is definitely my "baby" and also is the new home of the approved Meowth fanlisting! Visit Lucky Cat

The Godfather- Giovanni
The Godfather

The Godfather is a tribute to the character Giovanni (Sakaki), first featured in the very first Pokémon game. This site was online May 8th and am amazed it's still up. I consider this site a huge testament to my nerdiness since I was able to write numerous essays about a fictional villain. I do consider Giovanni the only and best villain in the Pokémon games. There are many facets to his character that allow me to dive into his role as a ruthless leader of an underground organization to being a comic relief in the series. This site is one of my favorites. Visit The Godfather

Thunderstorm - Luxio

I have a lot of favorite Pokémon but if my first is Meowth then my second is definitely Luxio! Luxio is one of those cute Pokémon that actually turn out to be quite powerful. This fansite was made as part of the "Creature Feature" event at Amassment. I'm glad that I was able to make a full-fledged fansite to this adorable 'mon! If you're interested in reading about my speculations on this minor character, then please: Visit Thunderstorm

Other fun things:
PokéIpsum- A Pokémon-themed Lorem Ipsum generator
Join Avenue- Pokémon fansite directory
Dream Yard- Pokémon fanlisting collective

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Last Updated July 26th, 2014Contact meAmassmentLove-gala I claim Meowth!

What do you want to know about (aka The Scratchcat Network)? This collective was born on September 6, 2009 because my original collective was being overrun with Pokémon fansites. Anything with monsters or cute animals, Pokémon especially, has really been something I have always adored. I missed the surge of Pokémon shrines back in 2000/2001 and that seemed to return with the birth of fanlistings, prompting me to reach back into my web design roots and create wordy sites to fictional characters. However nerdy it may be, it's always been something that I have enjoyed, and hope to keep doing in the future. As for the nitty gritty- Nyarth is the Japanese name for the famous Pokémon: Meowth. (Also seen as Nyaasu or Nyasu) Which comes from the sound a cat makes in Japan. This domain was bought from Doteasy, my first webhost. It's cheap and easy, which is good, because this domain is hardly updated.

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